Marketing with a Hint of Connie


Our concept of real estate marketing focuses on using marketing tools that actually benefits the homeowner. Throughout our years of experience, we came to find that not all marketing tools would benefit a homeowner in selling their property. We grew sick of telling homeowners about a 89 point marketing plan with CRMLS syndication.

In reality, a real marketing campaign should be more than that. With our strong marketing force, we were able to produce a marketing system that is customizable based on different properties ranging from Low-End, Mid Price, Luxury Listing & Commercial Properties as well. We also focus on the Omni-Channel Marketing concept which encompasses a range of marketing methods through different means to convey the same message “Your Property is For Sale”.


Today’s home buyer trends are shifting to a different taste. Due to higher affordability & low supply of new homes, today’s buyer are not looking for the brand new home. Instead, they prefer a house with interior features that they cannot resist.

With my Staging & Interior Team, Creative Home is able to easily transform a lot of our properties from an older interior to a brand new home with the latest design trends.


The property’s web page is the main representation of the listing. On a quick glance, it seems like a normal webpage. However, from the back end, we adopt a new marketing method called retargeting, anyone who have visited our web pages will be retargeted with the same property ad on 80% of the website worldwide!


In today’s globalized market, an investor might sell his house 10,000 miles away in Japan while the next buyer for your home might be a young couple who is relocating from Arizona to Los Angeles

Buying a house is not a mere pick and at to your cart on Amazon. Hence, in order to give potential buyers a virtual experience on touring the house in person. Our team provides a Virtual Tour for your property.


“A picture speaks a thousand words but a video shows a million more”  With our One Stop Marketing Campaign, we run a range of Online Ad Campaigns that features on Facebook, Google & Youtube. To make the most out of your Online Ads, a property video is inevitable as it provides the biggest impact to the potential buyers.